Aaron Strong and DomainInvesting.com set off a run on the registry for one letter new gtlds

Well the first shout out probably goes to Aaron Strong who left a comment on DomainInvesting.com. Aaron Strong x.ventures – I am figuring that many one letter domains will be held up by registries or very hard to get due to pre-registration. I am not sure how all these New … Continue reading

The DotCom Empire Will Retain Its Luster – And a few other stories in the New gTLD Roundup

 A round up of some new gtld stories for today includes concerns over stability, Samuel Greengard wrote a post on BaseLineMag The new generic top-level domains promise to redefine the Internet landscape, but many details—including concerns over security and stability—must be resolved. In the almost two decades since the World … Continue reading

Apple moves on to reg more gTLDs

MacRumors is noting that Apple has continued their interest in the new gTLDs, with their purchase of 8 .camera and 8 .photography domains – – aperture.camera and aperture.photography – apple.camera and apple.photography – facetime.camera and facetime.photography – imovie.camera and imovie.photography – iphoto.camera and iphoto.photography – isight.camera and isight.photography – photobooth.camera … Continue reading

Any site in the new top-level domains may seem like fly-by-night operation – at least for a while – DigitalTrends.com

Geoff Duncan wrote a piece for Digital Trends  today looking at the new gtlds. These seem to be an everyday occurrence as more and more people want to talk about the wave of new extensions coming on the market. They spoke with intellectual property attorney Dianne Aines “We’ve seen many … Continue reading

And They’re Off!

  Today at 8am PST, a new phase in domain name branding begins as General Availability for seven New gTLD’s will now be available to the general public for registration:  .bike, .clothing, .guru, .holdings, .plumbing, .singles, and .ventures.  After all of the debates and arguments for those for and against … Continue reading

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