Frank Schilling and the rise of the web domain name industry

Christopher Kompanek wrote a piece on Frank Schilling that is featured in The piece was feature in the At Home section and takes a nice look at the inner workings of the man behind Uniregistry. From the article: Tucked inside a nondescript building on Seven Mile Beach in Grand … Continue reading sells for $500 on Flippa sold on Flippa for $500, there were only two bids and this is a new seller, it will be interesting to see if the sale gets completed. The domain was registered on February 25, 2014. Link to the listing Afternic also reported Dog.Photography sold for $750.  

Are New Gtlds Fools Gold ? Eli The Computer Guy Says Yes

Eli the computer guy runs a You Tube channel that has over 278,000 subscribers, he did a video that included talking about the new gtlds. Now his audience is not domainers but rather those in other fields of technology. He felt these were something that his audience should know about … Continue reading

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