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“In Their Own Words, The Case for dot Buzz”


Welcome to the beginning of our ongoing series – “In Their Own Words, The Case for dot___”, where various new gTLD registries/operators, will present ‘the case for’ their gTLD, for all to better understand the benefits and advantages of owning and using them.  This week leading up to NamesCon, we will present a different new gTLD registry each day presenting their ‘case for’.  We hope this series will help the public and businesses, with a clearer vision of each of these new gTLDs and how they can and/or will enhance their internet endeavors. 

We are pleased to have as our first gTLD guest in our series, Bill Doshier with dotBUZZ.

In Their Own Words – The Case For dotBUZZ,  by Bill Doshier

.BUZZ, the delegated extension founded by dotStrategy, recently announced its Sunrise launch date of January 15.

Create buzz and you have the ear of the world.  The .BUZZ  registry creates a sustainable, valuable name space for those wanting to show the world what’s happening right now.  Focusing on groups related to communications, public relations, event organizers, social networking, entertainment, start-ups, advertising, marketing and development, .BUZZ will be the prime online destination for Web developers and users alike to create and seek out the latest news and developments on a variety of topics.

I collectively term .BUZZ name registrants as ‘The Hive’.  Hive members can view their domain name purchase as initial access to the  .BUZZ brand.  And while the domain name registry is the base vehicle of the business of .BUZZ, registrants can count on additional development to  .BUZZ  aimed at creating value to their domain investment.

Prior to the launch,  .BUZZ add-ons around social, business, and sports categories are under consideration for development.  Programming and app development platforms are being white boarded through our partnership with the University of Central Arkansas Entrepreneurial and Innovation degree program.  Together, working with University students and administrators, we are developing innovative new products to partner with the .BUZZ registry. 

We are looking for leading edge social, creative, and innovative ways to explode the .BUZZ brand.  We want to assure our registrants that creating value around the .BUZZ brand is an ongoing process.  I see a lively initial launch with interests high around;  geos, events, sports, social and entertainment theme .BUZZ names.  Our goal is for  .BUZZ name registrants to know there’s value in ownership of a .BUZZ domain.

Most exciting is the meteoric rise of .BUZZ toward delegation.  .BUZZ moved from an initial ICANN prioritization of #746, to becoming one of the first 50 new strings to be launched.  It’s very important to note that while promising new TLD entries such as .WEB, .ONLINE,  and  .APP work through a number of ongoing roadblocks toward delegation,  .BUZZ is here right now and ready for registrations on January 15th.

Better than any TLD offering, .BUZZ accommodates the Internet industry’s stated desire for new quality name space.  One of the first pure generic strings to be launched,  .BUZZ is short, edgy, fun, and globally recognized.  On top of this, .BUZZ is a self-sustaining TLD.  What I mean by this is each morning we wake up to fresh global news.  The world is abuzz with new events each day providing ongoing opportunities for new .BUZZ domain name registration and development.  An unrestricted TLD, .BUZZ is priced to Registrar partners to support a suggested retail price of approximately $50.  The Registrar response to .BUZZ has been fantastic.  Registrar on boarding is underway with an expected 25-30 Registrar partners participating as .BUZZ approaches launch.  Registrars interested in  partnering with .BUZZ can find additional instructions and information at: www.buzznames.biz/registrars .

With a January 15th  launch date – scheduled during the upcoming NamesCon event – .BUZZ will be presented front and center in Las Vegas. dotStrategy will be sponsoring the conference massage booth during the three day conference, as well as the DJ for the final evenings Waternight fundraising event.  Additionally, I will be participating on one of the ‘Meet The New TLD’ discussion panels with Colin and .CLUB.  Conference attendees are invited to stop by the dotStrategy booth, relax with a nice massage, pick up a  .BUZZ tee shirt and let’s talk ‘BUZZNAMES’ .



We’d like to thank Bill Doshier for sharing his Case for dotBUZZ, and we hope it was beneficial and informative reading. Tomorrow our ‘In Their Own Words’ guest will be Monica Kirchner with dotLuxury.

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