Aaron Strong and DomainInvesting.com set off a run on the registry for one letter new gtlds

Well the first shout out probably goes to Aaron Strong who left a comment on DomainInvesting.com.

Aaron Strong

x.ventures – I am figuring that many one letter domains will be held up by registries or very hard to get due to pre-registration. I am not sure how all these New G’s will play out, but I did not want to hold an empty bag if they work out.

You can go to the whois and check who got what in .ventures, .clothing, .holdings. etc…

You have to keep an eye out all over the place and check and recheck. Even names that you would not think have some premium attached to them, do.

BigBall.Clothing is $27.99 at Name.com(not recommended, just being used for a hypothetical.

Dodgeball.Clothing is $41.25 at Name.com so even names that don’t make much sense with the extension but are a little more popular, have a bit higher registration price.

Those same two examples at Go Daddy would be $39.99 and $69.99 respectively.

So make sure if you are getting into these names that you check around at a few registrars, and look for the best deals.

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