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As an actor you want to stand out and be noticed for what you are… an Actor!  And what better way to do so, than with your own domain name that showcases your passion and who you are with – .ACTOR

You could now be – John.actor, or PattyMyers.actor  etc. etc.

And you can also have your own personal email address such as – me@Linda.actor, abc@AliceClark.actor  etc.

What a great New gTLD extension to brand yourself if you have anything to do with acting.

Actors constantly struggle to get noticed by Casting Directors, Agents, Producers, and Directors. It can sometimes seem frustrating and overwhelming.  Well, here is a marketing tool that may help you stand out from the crowd, plus it’s trendy and cool.  It is also home to brands, organizations and institutions whose services appeal directly to the profession.  Having a .Actor is a major part in establishing your online presence.


Below are some great reasons on why you should get “yourname.actor”.

  • Perfect way to brand yourself by instantly making your artistic intent clear to others
  • Your descriptive ABC@yourname.actor email and website
  • Casting Directors/Agents are now relying on digital media for everything.  This will show them that you mean business and are ahead of the game in marketing yourself.
  • Great conversation starter when you present your business card or hand out your headshot/resume
  • Even if you already have your .com web address, you can forward the .actor to that existing site, or just change it over to the .actor.  This represents you better than a .com would.
  • Low cost – our prices are even lower than Go Daddy and other registrars
  • Anyone involved with actors (ex. Acting coaches, schools, workshops, etc.) can have their company associated with a .actor.  It’s good exposure on what services you offer to the acting community
  • FYI: For you dancers out there you can get a .dance which is available, and HipHop will be available on 9/3/14.  Everything stated for .ACTOR applies to these two as well.

HollywoodI can say that probably 95% of you in the entertainment industry watch the award shows when they are on television.  Well, you know how at the SAG Awards they have a few actors tell how they got their SAG card and then they say, “My name is ____, and I’m an actor”?  Well, you can now have your name with a .ACTOR!

It’s a great reminder that you need to persevere and reach for the stars!

Everyone involved with acting should have their .Actor just for general principle.  It’s ‘your industry’ related internet property, that you should own.  We understand that actors work hard and struggle to save every penny.  So with that in mind you can register your .Actor at our sister company – dotWhateverDomains.com. Our price is lower than Go Daddy and other registrars.  Being a part of the entertainment industry ourselves, we feel that we have your best interests at heart and will help you in any way that we can.  If you need help in purchasing your .Actor name, you can certainly email us at editor@dotWhatever.com.

**General Availability starts at 10am PST Wednesday Aug. 6th. Remember all names are on a first come first serve basis. So be sure to visit dotWhateverDomains.com early enough to register and set up your account etc., so that at 10am you can try to be quicker than all the other actors in the world also trying to get their favorite .ACTOR domain.

Are you ready for your closeup with a .ACTOR? Then go to…


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