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Article – An Analysis on New gTLD- .BERLIN

Read an interesting article today by Marcus Tober at econsultancy.com titled “Will gTLDs Help You Rank Higher in Search Results?”   In the article it states that they analyzed the rankings of .BERLIN to see how they performed in local and non-local Google searches.

In their analysis they found several things to take notice of in the future of the New gTLDs.  One was that .BERLIN seemed to perform better in 42% of cases in local searches.   Anything that can help with this and rank them higher in Google is a path in the right direction.  Again, using these New gTLDs as marketing tools can only enhance results, and place businesses at the forefront of their competitors.

It was also stated that he believed that Google would treat the New gTLDs as more of a category than a keyword. Again, an interesting viewpoint.  Whichever term you use in reference to the gTLDs, bottom line having a New gTLD that describes what you do is good Branding.

Read the full article here:

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