BBC Article on New gTLDs

The BBC had a piece written on the new gtlds by Lucy Fisher, Ms. Fisher just wrapped up an article for the Guardian which we posted about yesterday.

In this article a couple takeaways were the true cost of getting an extension. The number most are familiar with is the $185,000 fee, plus three years operating budget.

Ms.Fisher spoke with Rolf Larsen who will be launching .global.

Mr. Larsen was quoted as saying,

The process was not cheap by anyone’s standards. The price of an application for a top-level domain is $185,000 (£111,000) and those who have been through the process claim that associated legal and consulting fees take the real cost far closer to $1m.

But Mr Larsen believes the cost is worth it, arguing: “It’s like buying a piece of land that I can forever lease out.”

The article also delves into the enthusiasm around .london which makes sense since this is the BBC. With 200,000 London-based small businesses forecast to buy one of the new domain names when they come on to the market from 29 April. That is the kind of interest that will spark excitement, there was a piece on TLDH the little publicly traded company on the AIM exchange which will rename itself as Minds + Machines.

You can read the full BBC article on their website.

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