Quick Chat with Dwayne Walker – DomainFest

We are talking today with Dwayne Walker from Oversee.net who is the organizer of Domain Fest. Thanks for talking with us Dwayne. What can those interested in new gtlds hope to find at Domain Fest ? Dwayne Walker – We’re expecting amazing presentations and panel discussions from Verisign, Donuts, .Club, … Continue reading

Our Look Back At NamesCon

Here is our look back at NamesCon in pictures as captured by Kevin and Irene. From all signs it seems NamesCon was a success and will change the landscape for domain conferences going forward. Certainly $199 and Vegas = Magic. Congrats to Richard and his team, everyone get home safely. … Continue reading

Day 1 Pics from NamesCon

Day 1 Pics from NamesCon Checking In The Desk Ladies First Group Pic Women In Domaining Got along day ahead culminating with  the Frank Schilling keynote speech  

DotWhatever will be at NamesCon

Kevin and Irene from Dot Whatever will be at NamesCon this week looking to provide daily updates of all the action in Las Vegas. Namescon will have a full menu of sessions with regard to the new gtlds. Tuesday at 11:15 a.m. will provide three different sessions in rooms A,B, … Continue reading

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