Bruce Marler, Give him some Credit.Club.

Give him some Credit.Club.  Q&A with Bruce Marler This past week news broke that Credit.Club had been hand registered by domain investor Bruce Marler while headed home from NamesCon. Soon after the registration a knowledge base of credit information was launched causing many to wonder how this happened so quickly. … Continue reading

Quick Chat with Dwayne Walker – DomainFest

We are talking today with Dwayne Walker from who is the organizer of Domain Fest. Thanks for talking with us Dwayne. What can those interested in new gtlds hope to find at Domain Fest ? Dwayne Walker – We’re expecting amazing presentations and panel discussions from Verisign, Donuts, .Club, … Continue reading

Interview with Andy Brier –

Andy Brier runs which serves as a portal for all things new gtld. From the latest delegations to new gtld stats, Andy also provides a lot of updates on Twitter @namestats 1) So what was the motivation for starting NameStat ? Andy – I’d been following the domainer blogs … Continue reading

Frank Schilling Video from ICANN 48

Frank Schilling did an interview with DYN at ICANN 48 in Buenos Aires. In the video Frank talks about his preference for joint ventures over private auctions when it comes to strings in contention. He applied for 54 in total, 11 of those being uncontested, 2 where his company sold … Continue reading

dotWhatever interviews Richard Lau – NamesCon Organizer

Richard Lau – NamesCon Organizer Interview Today we are pleased to have Richard Lau, long time Domain Industry expert, high profile domain investor, and (volunteer) Exec. Director of the WaterSchool with us here at dotWhatever.  Richard is organizing and putting on the upcoming NamesCon Internet Names Convention this January 13-15 … Continue reading

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