So you think you can dance?  Of course you do!  But do others know you can?  Whether you are a professional dancer, or just dance for fun, why not show the world that you love to dance?  You have the talent!  And now you need a good domain name and extension to take it to another level, and .DANCE is the next dance step.

Without getting into a lot of technical mumbo jumbo, the internet is changing faster that you can yell out an 8 count.  Recently, the powers that be, decided to add domain extensions to the mix.  You ask what’s a domain extension?  It’s what comes after the domain name such as .com, .net, .biz, etc.  You know, the ones that have been around forever.

But with the ever changing internet, the world is just not about .com anymore.  Now there are new extensions being introduced almost weekly, that relates to what you do at work and at play.  They are the New gTLDs (generic top level domains).  These New gTLDs can help YOU better express yourself.  It’s hip, it’s trendy, it’s NEW!  Sure you can have ex: Jane Smith.com, but people who know you and those who don’t, will know right away what you’re into, which is dance by having  JaneSmith.dance  instead.

It helps you stand out from the crowd.  And it will show your passion for dance.  It’s also a great way to promote yourself, dance crew, school, or event.  Create a website or blog with your new .dance and you’ll not only be creative, but tech savvy as well.  It’s a way to be different from everyone else.  A .dance gives you identity.  Below are suggestions on how you can use a .DANCE :

yourstudio.dance    yourname.dance    yourcompany.dance    yourproduction.dance

And we at dotWhatever.com want to help you with this.  You can purchase your .DANCE by visiting our sister website – dotWhateverDomains.com We offer lower prices than other places you might go to register your domain name.

And if you need help in any way, whether it’s finding the perfect .DANCE for you, or if you still have questions regarding the New gTLDs, please click on this link –Contact Form and fill it out.  We’ll get in touch with you asap.

You’re a dancer!  Now tell the world!

Dance! Dance! Dance!

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