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Is the dot-Lawyer domain a good idea?

Is the dot-Lawyer domain a good idea?

In ‘Law Times’ today, there’s an article discussing the pros and cons of the .Lawyer extension, now in Priority Placement for Early Access, and the later to be released .Law and .Legal extensions. Noting the opinions and views of a few attorney’s and Web professionals, and their views of the various advantages and disadvantages of these extensions, for both lawyer/attorneys and those looking for their services –

The new generic top-level domain names could offer a good chance for those who weren’t able to score an ideal web address in the crowded dot-com space, says Monica Goyal, a Toronto-based lawyer and a software entrepreneur. But an untested domain name with a high price tag could be a deterrent for many lawyers, she adds.

She goes on to note:

“The downside is that it’s still new, it doesn’t have the prestige of the dot-com,” says Goyal.
“It may take a while for this to actually catch on.”

Steve Matthews of Stem Legal Web Enterprises, doesn’t intend to advise his clients to switch at present, but goes on:

…if a lawyer or a law firm is starting from scratch, “it’s another story,” says Matthews. He notes exact-match searches are possible through the new generic top-level domains, which boosts the chances of appearing higher in a Google search.

“If you’re a Vancouver trademark lawyer and you have vancouvertrademark.lawyer, having that search phrase in consecutive terms embedded in the domain name gives you an exact match and that is a big plus in the search-engine ranking,” says Matthews.

However one interviewer felt it is a good idea to have ‘multiple domains’ and do redirects.


Read the whole story here.

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