DotWhatever will be at NamesCon

Kevin and Irene from Dot Whatever will be at NamesCon this week looking to provide daily updates of all the action in Las Vegas.

Namescon will have a full menu of sessions with regard to the new gtlds.

Tuesday at 11:15 a.m. will provide three different sessions in rooms A,B, and C.

Meet some of the new TLDs (A)

New TLDs have a variety of value propositions and attractions within their target demographic base. Hear from five different TLDs about what they do, what their strengths are, and understand how to be successful as a registrant / developer or within the registrar channel.

Aaron Grego CEO, Punto 2012

Monica Kirchner CEO, Dotluxury

Shaul Jolles CEO, DotLatin (.uno)

Daniel Negari CEO, .xyz

Rob Rozicki VP & Co-Founder, Starting Dot & Dot Ski

Moderator: Jennie-Marie Larsen

Navigating the Market: Experiences From Recently Launched TLDs For New gTLDs (B)

Hear from the most recent launches

Join these recently launched TLDs as they describe their course to market, the relationship with registrar channel, premium names, founder/pioneer names, and more.

Kelly Hardy Channel Manager,

Crystal Peterson Channel Manager,

Chris Sheridan VP BD, RightSide

Jothan Frakes ,

Alan Ezeir, .ws

Moderator: Derek Newman

Understanding Rights Protection Mechanisms in New TLDs & the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH) (C)

This session is designed to help understand the TMCH and Rights Protection Mechanisms in the new TLD program.

Anthony Beltran COO / CFO,

Mike Rodenbaugh Principal, Rodenbaugh Law

Statton Hammock VP Business and Legal Affairs, Rightside

Karen Bernstein Principal, Karen Bernstein Law

Jon Nevett Co-Founder & EVP,

Moderator: Braden Pollock

After lunch at 2:05 there will be a chance to hear from industry leaders

New TLDs + ‘Domainers’ : The Opportunities

There is a strong inter-dependency between new gTLDs and the Domain Developer / Investor Communty. The discussion will surround attraction and benefit of new gTLDs and the ‘domainer’ audience as a registry?

New gTLDs have the opportunity to thrive within the robust domain developer and investor audience, but there are subtleties that can either win or lose a very important demographic. Hear from our panel of domain investors on the ways new gTLDs can benefit, and missteps to avoid.

Adam Dicker Owner, DNForum

Mike Berkens , RightOfTheDot, LLC

Ari Goldberger , ESQwire

Fred Krueger, TLDH

Moderator: Braden Pollock

Another session that will be heavily attended will be the talk about whether or not .com’s time in the spotlight is over.

.COM is Dead, Long Live .COM!

The new gTLDs – how (and will) they impact user behavior

Join a panel of leading minds as they share their opinions and experience.

Paul Nicks Product Director, Aftermarket, GoDaddy

Monte Cahn President / Director, RightOfTheDot, LLC

Ken Hansen CEO,, LLC

Stevan Lieberman attorney, Greenberg & Lieberman

Mike “Zappy” Zapolin

Moderator: Braden Pollock

There are many who believe user behavior is already pretty well entrenched, it will be interesting to hear opinions of those who feel this can be changed, and how they will go about doing it.

Frank Schilling will give the keynote speech starting at 4:50 p.m.

Day one looks to be a busy day for those interested in the new gtlds and Dot Whatever will be there to cover it.

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