General Availability


General Availability is the final phase of a gTLD launch when domain names are publicly available for anyone to register as long as registrants adhere to the requirements established by that particular gTLD’s registry.  In General Availability, names are usually first-come-first-serve, but some gTLDs may have a pre-order system in place before General Availability opens.

New gTLDs can become available for registration in different phases.  A registry may forego a phase such as Landrush, and have gTLD’s proceed from Sunrise to Pre-Registration, and finally General Availability.

General Availability FAQ’s

What is General Availability?

General Availability is when a New gTLD becomes open to the general public.  You can go to your favorite registrar and register a domain name with the New gTLD extension.

I tried to obtain a domain name with the New gTLD that I wanted, but it shows that it has been taken.  What can I do now?

Unfortunately, someone probably got the name that you wanted through the Pre-Registration phase and at a higher cost.  Or they might have just hit the button faster at General Availability. Bottom line, is that they have the name that you want.  In this case, we may be able to help you acquire the name through the secondary market.  Email us at either or  ( – our domain name services company focusing on investments, consulting, and brokering)

What are the fees?

Fees will vary according to whichever registrar you decide to use.


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