Google Chromecast and Cable Consolidation Could Boost gTLD Impact

Google Chromecast, Cable Consolidation, and Fiber Optic Cable Could Boost Impact of gTLDs

Jennifer Wolfe, she was one of the keynote speakers at NamesCon, has an interesting article out on today on how the new gTLDs could get a big boost for their value from Google’s Chromecast and current content distributors.  Google’s Chromecast can transform tablets, phones, or computers into a remote where you can use any flat screen device in your home to surf online.  

“While the trend toward consumption of content via the Internet is nothing new, and other devices like Apple TV and Roku provide Internet-based TV access, the cost-effectiveness and ease of use of Chromecast means the less tech-savvy can sit on their couch and search the Internet. This simple device could push the tipping point on Internet consumption of content.”

She goes on to note that many of the current cable and content distributors, providers, and networks have applied for new gTLDs, including Comcast, Dish Network, EchoStarABC, Fox, Bloomberg, CBS, Comcast, HBO, Showtime, The Weather Channel, Netflix, XBOX, PlayStation, and others as they prepare for the next generation of online channel surfing.  She points out that these and other big brands that applied for gTLDs, have the opportunity to build out channels of content for not just surfing, but searching, shopping, socializing, and more.  And that those big brands that opted not to go for a related gTLD may be missing out in the early stages of this.

“In the future of their digital world, the consumer can access everything they want from their couch with a tablet or phone as the remote. The gTLDs unchain these companies from the home page concept online to create the ability to provide directories of content and unique memorable landing pages or experiences to invite consumers into their digital world in new and interesting ways.”

You can read the story in full here.

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