Information Week Covers 4 things businesses must know about the new gtlds

Information Week published an article on the new gtlds and listed 4 things that businesses should know.

Kevin Casey opened up addressing the article to Joe Plumber which certainly seems to be the area Go Daddy wants to focus on, the small business owner.

Casey talks about the domains getting cheaper in a week, that they will be coming out on a weekly basis and name and tech collisions.

From the article:

1. New domain names will be cheaper if you wait a week
Although general availability of domains such as .ventures and .clothing indeed kicked off Wednesday, your budget might be better served by waiting until next Wednesday before buying new URLs. That’s thanks to a “declining price” feature baked into the process in which wholesalers such as Donuts add an additional fee to orders placed during the first week of availability. Because retailers will likely add their own markup, new domains will be considerably more expensive when they first hit the market, declining in price each day until settling at normal retail pricing on day eight. Tindal said the markups vary so it’s unclear just how much of a premium you’ll pay, though he noted it’s a one-time cost, not an annual one.

You can read the rest of the article here

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