So it looks like New York City is saying .NYC is ours everyone else KEEP OUT


I thought the post Michael Berkens wrote today about .NYC, was the City of New York basically saying this is our extension, everybody else stay away.

You will not be allowed to use privacy and you will need a physical address not a virtual address. Since the registrant will have to match voter records, tax record business filings, drivers licenses and such it seems a virtual address isn’t going to work and privacy is strictly prohibited.

I think this also says the aftermarket for .NYC will be very limited as just about all of the buying and selling will have to take place from people and companies physically in New York.

Someone asked me if I thought other extensions would follow suit ? I think .NYC has the luxury of full support from the city, it does not need domainers participating to be successful. It will be in demand for those who reside in and do business in New York.

I think they would not allow a domain like Hotels.NYC to be a parked page and are going to make sure that this extension is a real asset to the city.

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