Are New Gtlds Fools Gold ? Eli The Computer Guy Says Yes

Eli the computer guy runs a You Tube channel that has over 278,000 subscribers, he did a video that included talking about the new gtlds. Now his audience is not domainers but rather those in other fields of technology.

He felt these were something that his audience should know about and then immediately forget. His opinion seems to draw upon his first experience with domain names. He wanted back in 1999 and it was registered. He decided to go with and convinced himself that this new .info extension would catch on.

One point that he mentioned was the similarity of people who may own certain domains. was someone who had a similar story to his, so while he was traveling the world, friends were checking out and thinking it was Eli.

He dropped the .info a few years later as he came to the conclusion that no one was using the .info extension, except for spammers.

I bring up the video and posted it because Eli is the type of person in tech who consults businesses and has a decent following. These people will shape the opinions on whether or not to go with a new gltd for a lot of small businesses. If you are planning on selling or consulting to small business, its good to know what they are hearing from the other side of the coin.

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