New gTLDs Launch– Week of 11/24 -11/28/14

Happy ThanksgivingThe following are the New gTLD extensions being launched for the week.  But first we at dotWhatever would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!  So forget your .DIET this week.  You can always get .HELP after the holidays in order to lose the turkey weight. 



General Availability

.CLICK – this one could be a tough sell. There are a couple of meanings for this, one being, ‘to fit together’, or by pressing the button on a device in order to make something happen on a computer. Neither has the wow factor. But I did just see an old episode on Southpark where the kids are playing World of Warcraft and one yelled to the others, “Everybody…right click!”. 
a multi-billion dollar industry.  Every other person seems to be on one.  How about the donut diet?  Could be a new trend.
a large percentage of the public go onto the internet to find help with something.  Many possibilities for this one. 
good name for a business that provides hosting services. 
another real estate gTLD for buyers and sellers of property.  Could also be used as referring to someone’s possessions.



So this is this week’s list of New gTLD extensions being launched, with many more to come.  Choose wisely and remember that these New gTLD extensions represent you, your business, your personality.  It’s all about branding oneself online.

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