New gTLDs – September 2014 Week Two

New gTLDs – Week of 9/8 -9/12/14

The following are the New gTLD extensions being launched for the week.  This week we travel and go .Global to .Yokohama, .Paris and .London. If traveling the globe is not your style, then you can always meditate about your .Life in your .Church.


General Availability
.YOKOHAMA – for anyone living or working in Japan’s 2nd largest city.


Pre-Registration and Sunrise for Trademark Holders

.ENGINEER – for those who apply math and science for the purpose of problem solving.
.PARIS – the city known for lights, fashion, romance and museums

Priority Placement for Landrush
.PARIS – the city known for lights, fashion, romance and museums.

General Availability
.GLOBAL – let people know your business expands across borders
.LONDON – the 8+ million people living in London have a new place to call home

9/10/14 –

Priority Placement for Early Access

.CHURCH – a place to gather your faith community online.
.GUIDE – the domain that leads the way on the Internet.
.LIFE – take your passion for life online.
.LOANS – gives those that lend an air of authority and reputability

General Availability

.ACCOUNTANTS – perfect for the accounting guru
.INSURE – market your insurance services
.DIGITAL – anything and everything having to do with digital technology, electronics, media.
.FINANCE – money management for corporate and personal finance.


 So this is this week’s list of New gTLD extensions being launched, with many more to come.  Choose wisely and remember that these New gTLD extensions represent you, your business, your personality.  It’s all about branding oneself online.

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