What about .BLUE or .RED?  It looks as if colors will now define us on the internet.  If anything says something about a person, it’s definitely a color. Three colors are now available to purchase in domain extension form: .PINK, .BLUE, and .RED.  So how will these New gTLD colors apply to a business, product, or creative endeavor?  Well colors can mean certain things when you breakdown what they are usually associated with.

.BLUE – usually associated with the sky and ocean.  It symbolizes loyalty, trust, freedom.  For a company looking to instill confidence in their product, perhaps using this new gTLD in an ad campaign could help people feel comfortable with the product.

.RED – a vibrant and not so subtle color. It brings to mind passion, desire, power, strength, and of course – love.   A .RED could be used for almost any kind of website.  It stands out.  It grabs your attention, like a fast red car speeding down the highway. It’s hot and gives the impression that you are hip and trendy!  And image is everything these days.

.PINK – is warm and comforting.  It’s soothing, calming, and feminine.  A .PINK could be used for anything relating to the obvious such as clothing or beauty websites.  Major companies like Victoria’s Secret and Mary Kay have branded themselves with the color pink.

Color is very important and these New gTLDs are a unique and artistic way of branding and marketing you, your product, or your company.  How do you want people to perceive you? And if you already have a .com or other extension, a .PINK, .BLUE, and .RED can be an asset to your dotWhatever.  So whether you have to create a marketing campaign, or you want to build your own personal website for fun, these New gTLDs will definitely get you noticed.

You can purchase your .PINK, .BLUE, or .RED by visiting our sister website – dotWhateverDomains.com.

We offer lower prices than other places you might go to register your domain name.  And if you need help in any way, or if you have questions regarding the New gTLDs, please fill out the Contact Form and we will get in touch asap.  We want you to feel comfortable when buying a .PINK, .BLUE, or a .RED.

So what’s your favorite color?


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