Quartz “this is what the new web looks like”


Leo Mirani covered the new gtlds with an article on QZ.com today.

In the article Mirani got some data and took a look at which names are starting to spring up.

If you had typed calvinklein.clothing into your browser’s address bar last week, you would have reached an error page or a list of Google search results. Do it today, and your browser will redirect you to Calvin Klein’s official website, calvinklein.com. The new world wide web is upon us.


Rightside, a company formed by Demand Media to invest in the new TLDs, sent over a list of registrations aggregated from public data by RegistrarStats.com, which it owns. The list is about 48 hours behind real time and far from complete. It only lists those domains that are set up to point at something, even if the site doesn’t yet exist (as is the case with the intriguingly named brownpeople.singles).

Read the article on QZ.com where Mirani included a list of most of the names currently regged.

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