With .Sexy and .Tattoo Going Live Today, We Chat With Frank Schilling


With approximately 6 1/2 hours til his first two extensions are available to the public, we ask Frank Schilling a few questions.

1) What are your expectations for your first two strings, do you expect a lot of demand ?

Demand is very hard to say in these early days and we do not have Godaddy or many of the legacy registrars due to our registry “Know your customer” compliance guidelines (which the traditional registrars feel threatened by) but we expect we’ll be able to place 100,000 .sexy names in the first year.  tattoo was projected lower with 30,000 registrations.

2) Will there be several names unavailable and will 1 letter strings be available for registration ?

Initially ICANN mandates that many of the 1 and 2 character strings will be unavailable but we will do press announcements as these become available.

3)Do you think there is an advantage to being one of the first strings out the gate ?

Perhaps in these early days yes, but I would not want to be a small 2 string registry like us launching with something average or impotent. We think .SEXY and .TATTOO have a lot of gravity as some of the first fun extensions and we expect they will have gravity and resonance when they are no longer as new.

4) Will there be any advertising outside of the domain industry to promote Sexy and Tattoo?
Yes there will, our advertising will begin with the launch of our registrar on March 8th

5) Anything else you would like to add about these two new strings ?

It has been a humbling journey going from day-dreamer, kid in a cul-de-sac —  to, late bloomer domainer, to registry operator. I’m very proud of all the people on the Uniregistry team for helping me bring the first two fun strings to market. I could not have done this alone and they help me bring my vision to market. These strings are a reflection of the people at Uniregistry. We want to be the registrar and registry people want to use to manage their online identity and we look forward to welcoming the registrants of the future.

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