covers the coming .GOP Extension did a small piece on the coming of .GOP. The Republican party will be getting their own extension and it seems that one Democrat is upset that his party has not followed the same path. (There is a .Democrat coming, seemed he wanted a short .DEM) Of course others in the party feel the Republicans are wasting their time with the extension and lost their focus.

This upset Obama’s re-election campaign manager, Jim Messina who on Wednesday said he was “pissed” that Democrats have not followed suit with Republicans.


“It’s just another thing in the toolbox to use to reach out to folks,” Messina said at the “Beyond the Dot” conference. “As a campaign manager, all you want is more tools, and I think this is a really interesting one.


However ,the rest of the party didn’t seem to agree with Messina. Democratic National Committee spokesman Michael Czin told USA TODAY that Republicans have lost their focus and are wasting time on the new domain name ending.


“Republicans didn’t lose in 2008 or 2012 because people couldn’t find their websites,” Czin said. “To the contrary, it’s because people could figure out what they were campaigning on.”


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