First 2016 Southern California Domainer Meetup — gTLD.Link forum back online.


The first Southern California Domainer Meetup of this year will be held next month April 15th at 6:30pm, sponsored by the XYZ Registry at their offices in Santa Monica. (2800 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, CA.)  Run by Jason Thompson and Kevin Faler, this setting at XYZ, was also incidentally where the last SoCal meetup of last year was held too. Daniel Negari’s XYZ registry offices have a great office atrium patio area great for networking, and they sponsor lots of food and free cocktails. There were some 60-70 attendees at the last SoCal Domainer meetup, and so far there’s over 30 reservations to attend this one.  Local domainer meetups are a great way to meet and network with other local domainers, web entrepreneurs, domain related and other industry companies.  This will be the 18th SoCal Domainer meetup, and should be another great networking opportunity.  You can get more info, and make your reservation to attend here.

gTLD-linkAlso wanted to point out that gTLD.Link, the domainer forum focused on the new gTLD domains is back up online after experiencing some server and related issues.  For those that want to talk and discuss the new gTLDs, this forum, run by Phil Harris and Chad Wright, offers a professional, peaceful and enlightening forum environment that is free of all the drama and criticisms, found elsewhere for new gTLD discussions.  If you’re a past member that thought it was closed, or a new or experienced domainer wanting some thoughtful talk and gTLD discussions, gTLD.Link is the place to do so. Check it out.

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