General Availability for .Club Starts Today

Today .Club begins general availability, this is one of the extensions that some think will do pretty well. In a poll on TheDomains it was .club that was the top choice for which new gtld would reach 100,000 registrations first. In a video that .club put together, many expressed their … Continue reading

The .XYZ Challenge released a video today called the .XYZ challenge. It seems the crew at have picked up on the fact that Daniel Negari says XYZ a lot. They apparently have a pool running while Negari came to visit.  

Dot com is not human intuitive

Alex Mayyasi wrote a piece on the new gtlds for Priceonomics, in that piece Richard Tindal COO of Donuts responded to critics with the following:  “Dot com is not human intuitive,” he tells us. “All it really says is that you’re online, like the www that no one uses anymore. … Continue reading

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