Did you buy Andrei Polgar’s Wealth Management 2.0 book?

Fellow domainer and blogger Andrei Polgar’s Wealth Management 2.0 book basically shows domainers and other people who make money on the net how to manage it, a book that became an Amazon best seller just two days after the official launch.

The price is very low this week. Just $2.99. which is a steal because the book is almost 500 pages long. That’s the price of the digital version. The printed book costs $12.99 for those who enjoy a more traditional reading experience. Or if you want to listen to it in your car, when working out or (dot) whatever, you can get the audiobook. You can get all 3 versions (digital, print, audio) on Amazon or get the digital version on Barnes&Noble, Apple/iBooks or Kobo.

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If you buy the book and want to take part in his contest, send him an email of the screenshot to contest@domainingtips.com. The iPhone7 is the most tempting prize but the others are also great. You get conference passes (NamesCon and DomainingEurope), $250 Escrow.com credit (which is basically like cash to domainers), $100 domain registration/renewal credit, Whoisology and Efty subscriptions. We always complain about domaining being a cottage industry but it’s good news for contest participants because you’re more likely to win. If you found out about the contest after reading this post and win the iPhone7, send me a selfie! You owe me that much

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