The Team

Kevin McKim

Kevin McKim (Editor-in-Chief) began domaining in 1998, buying, selling and investing in domain names, and has been active in such ever since. He brings over 35 years of sales experience along with over 25 years as a business owner/operator serving and providing financial equipment and services to the Banking and Financial industry and related businesses. Combined with 20+ years involvement in the entertainment industry, his professional background, and a strong passion for the domain name space, Kevin looks foward to helping others succeed in their domain name journeys.

Irene Conde


Irene Conde (Managing Editor) has been involved in domaining for the past 13 years, investing in domains, and running various websites. Irene has a strong background of 17+ years in the entertainment industry, having worked at major motion picture companies and top talent agencies, and has a strong passion for writing. Combining her writing talents, and her corporate entertainment experiences, she is a strong asset for the direction of


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