Quick Chat with Dwayne Walker – DomainFest

We are talking today with Dwayne Walker from Oversee.net who is the organizer of Domain Fest. Thanks for talking with us Dwayne. What can those interested in new gtlds hope to find at Domain Fest ? Dwayne Walker – We’re expecting amazing presentations and panel discussions from Verisign, Donuts, .Club, … Continue reading

Uniregistry releases Dot Guitars Video

Uniregistry released their video today for Dot Guitars today, Frank Schilling talks about the importance of the instrument and how many identify with it. This is the thing with these super specific niche extensions, can you get a community to rally around an extension ? Its not something that over … Continue reading

The Five Stages of Adapting to, and Accepting the New gTLDs

Denial   Anger    Bargaining    Depression    Acceptance “I don’t like change.  It’s really hard for me.  Sometimes I think that I’ll die before I change.”                                                       … Continue reading

.London Delegated to the Root Zone

Today one of the more highly sought after Geo centric new gtlds was delegated. Dot London is expected to have a fairly good turn out. A YouGov survey of over 1,000 small businesses in London also showed that one in four were likely to make an application. If extrapolated, this … Continue reading

Mason Cole Would Like to See A Level Playing Field

In an article he wrote on Circle ID, Mason Cole the VP of  Communications and Industry Relations at Donuts, expressed his frustration with ICANN and some policies that are hindering new gtld launches. From the article: The New gTLD Program should be the culmination of ICANN’s original mission to introduce … Continue reading

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