Google Chromecast and Cable Consolidation Could Boost gTLD Impact

Google Chromecast, Cable Consolidation, and Fiber Optic Cable Could Boost Impact of gTLDs Jennifer Wolfe, she was one of the keynote speakers at NamesCon, has an interesting article out on today on how the new gTLDs could get a big boost for their value from Google’s Chromecast and current … Continue reading

With .Sexy and .Tattoo Going Live Today, We Chat With Frank Schilling

With approximately 6 1/2 hours til his first two extensions are available to the public, we ask Frank Schilling a few questions. 1) What are your expectations for your first two strings, do you expect a lot of demand ? Demand is very hard to say in these early days … Continue reading

So it looks like New York City is saying .NYC is ours everyone else KEEP OUT

I thought the post Michael Berkens wrote today about .NYC, was the City of New York basically saying this is our extension, everybody else stay away. You will not be allowed to use privacy and you will need a physical address not a virtual address. Since the registrant will have … Continue reading covers the coming .GOP Extension did a small piece on the coming of .GOP. The Republican party will be getting their own extension and it seems that one Democrat is upset that his party has not followed the same path. (There is a .Democrat coming, seemed he wanted a short .DEM) Of course others … Continue reading

Investor.Guru sells for $700 on Flippa

Investor.Guru sold today on Flippa for $700. There were 33 bids in the auction that ran for 10 days. The domain was sitting at $400 for 3 days and finally bidder #1 stepped up and paid the buy it now price of $700. is owned by Buy Domains and … Continue reading

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