The .XYZ Challenge released a video today called the .XYZ challenge. It seems the crew at have picked up on the fact that Daniel Negari says XYZ a lot. They apparently have a pool running while Negari came to visit.  

Uniregistry releases Dot Guitars Video

Uniregistry released their video today for Dot Guitars today, Frank Schilling talks about the importance of the instrument and how many identify with it. This is the thing with these super specific niche extensions, can you get a community to rally around an extension ? Its not something that over … Continue reading

Constantine Roussos Talks .Music

Constantine Roussos is the co-founder of My TLD, who is one of the applicants looking to run the .Music new gtld. In the video below he talks about his vision which seems to be about giving artists the ability to secure their name which many times is not available in … Continue reading

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