Dot com is not human intuitive

Alex Mayyasi wrote a piece on the new gtlds for Priceonomics, in that piece Richard Tindal COO of Donuts responded to critics with the following:  “Dot com is not human intuitive,” he tells us. “All it really says is that you’re online, like the www that no one uses anymore. … Continue reading

EnCirca Announces Baker’s Dozen Domain Name Special

EnCirca made a post on their blog this evening highlighting a special promotion. EnCirca Announces Baker’s Dozen Domain Name Special Buy 12 Donuts Domains and Get A 13th Free.  Also, 5% Discount for anything less. The special will run for just three days, from April 9-11, 2014.  A Baker’s Dozen … Continue reading

Mason Cole Would Like to See A Level Playing Field

In an article he wrote on Circle ID, Mason Cole the VP of  Communications and Industry Relations at Donuts, expressed his frustration with ICANN and some policies that are hindering new gtld launches. From the article: The New gTLD Program should be the culmination of ICANN’s original mission to introduce … Continue reading

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