New Gtld Round Up – From Forbes to CNBC A lot of Press Today on the New Gtlds

There were a lot of publications covering the new gtlds today. CNBC had a piece by Cadie Thompson titled “From Dot-Com to Dot-Dating” Proponents say so many websites are registered on the most popular domain—.com—that opening up more top-level ones will give new companies an opportunity to get a choice … Continue reading

Apple picks up a couple .guru’s

Seems that Apple sees some potential and or a need for the .guru extensions, as they secured a few .guru domains –,,  and  Apple associates ‘Genius’ to its online recommending features, and their in-store support staff, so they may want it for the close association to … Continue reading

Information Week Covers 4 things businesses must know about the new gtlds

Information Week published an article on the new gtlds and listed 4 things that businesses should know. Kevin Casey opened up addressing the article to Joe Plumber which certainly seems to be the area Go Daddy wants to focus on, the small business owner. Casey talks about the domains getting … Continue reading

Live Auction Event in Macau confirmed for March 21

There will be a live auction in Macau on March 21, 2014. TLD Registry LTD will be hosting the auction for two new Chinese gtlds. Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website. Here is a video about Dot Chinese Online, In the video it looks like they are stressing a … Continue reading

Donuts: Domains By The Numbers

Donuts put out a blog post today that took a look at some of their numbers: The Internet is getting all grown up.  Seems like just yesterday it was a little tyke. We’re seeing the biggest, most influential shift in online identities since it all started.  It’s been a long … Continue reading

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