General Availability for .Club Starts Today

Today .Club begins general availability, this is one of the extensions that some think will do pretty well. In a poll on TheDomains it was .club that was the top choice for which new gtld would reach 100,000 registrations first.

In a video that .club put together, many expressed their passion and then had that turned into a domain name. Unfortunately some of those names will be reserved or premium names that will not be available at under $15.

.Club will have a fairly cheap registration price for non premium names. There have already been some .club sales: 13,750 USD 12,500 USD 12,500 USD 10,000 USD 10,000 USD 10,000 USD 7,500 USD 7,500 USD 7,500 USD 7,500 USD

The .XYZ Challenge released a video today called the .XYZ challenge. It seems the crew at have picked up on the fact that Daniel Negari says XYZ a lot. They apparently have a pool running while Negari came to visit.

Dot com is not human intuitive


Alex Mayyasi wrote a piece on the new gtlds for Priceonomics, in that piece Richard Tindal COO of Donuts responded to critics with the following:

 “Dot com is not human intuitive,” he tells us. “All it really says is that you’re online, like the www that no one uses anymore. It’s a vestigial thing from the past.” He encourages us to compare the name of an early customer, Republic Bike, as a dot com versus with a new gTLD:

“See how much faster you understand what the second one does?” he asks. “Over time, technology moves toward being more natural and human.” Tindal says that most buyers of Donuts domain names are small to medium businesses looking for a memorable web presence. “Our business play doesn’t seek to convert major websites because there is a lot of friction,” he explains.

Can we honestly say .com is not intuitive ? Many non tech oriented users online just add .com when you mention a website. They never fill it in with anything else.

It remains to be seen if the average user will come to embrace the new gtlds and find them more intuitive. It is a big world so certainly some will. Will it be big enough to make registries on going successful ventures ? That is the most important question that needs to be answered.

Tindal goes on in the article to say that claims of previous launch failures are news to him.

Tindal used to run a registry responsible for .biz and .US, and he says that the domains introduced in the early 2000s “are strong, profitable businesses, with renewal rates sometimes higher than .com.”

The whole article is a very good read and it is not just focused on Donuts.

Read the full article here

Who is North Sound Domains ? Frank Schilling Explains on Twitter


Frank Schilling explains who North Sound Domains is and explains there was always a plan for .Link.

A gentleman asked a question on Twitter that a few had emailed me today, Who is North Sound Domains ? I thought no premium names with Frank.




According to .Link has over 20,000 regs and that is a function of these premium .link domains hitting the root.

It’s .Party Time As Famous Four Gets .Party

As posted on the GTLD.Club website, Famous Four has resolved the contention set for .Party.

It’s .PARTY time!

You may not have noticed but there is a quiet revolution on the Internet. Now, anyone can apply for web addresses associated with their interests and hobbies, industry sectors, events and locations. One such generic Top Level Domain, or gTLD as they are known, is .PARTY which was locked in a battle over the right to operate it, until today.

Famous Four Media, the registry operator for Domain Venture Partners (one of the largest portfolio applicant groups leading this revolution with 57 applications) is delighted to announce the successful resolution of the contention set for the new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD)  .PARTY.

Domain Venture Partners along with Blue Sky Registry are pleased to announce an agreement with Oriental Trading Company, Inc for the acquisition of the .PARTY top level domain name registry whereby Oriental Trading Company, Inc has agreed to withdraw its application. Domain Venture Partners looks forward to launching and operating the .PARTY gTLD for the benefit of all stakeholders.

“Famous Four Media is excited to add .PARTY to the list of Top Level Domains that it will be launching in 2014″ said Geir Rasmussen CEO, Famous Four Media. “.PARTY will complement the other lifestyle registries under the control of Domain Venture Partners.”

Andy Churley, CMO, Famous Four Media, expanded “the opportunities with this registry are almost boundless. It has an appeal all the way up the user chain from individuals (, corporates ( and communities (, right up to institutions ( Furthermore, we do not see registration use being limited to people or entities but to individual events ( and locations ( as well. The opportunity for every party to have its own web address is extremely exciting. Most importantly we think it’s going to be a whole lot of fun! “

The resolution of .PARTY brings Famous Four Media’s tally of uncontested gTLDs to thirteen, with a further 44 applications in the pipeline. Famous Four Media launched its .BID, .TRADE and .WEBCAM gTLDs in March 2014.
The .PARTY gTLD will be launched in the latter part of 2014, although many domain name registrars are already accepting pre-registrations for registrants that want to secure their .PARTY domain name. A list of Famous Four Media’s accredited domain name registrars can be found here.

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