Above.com to offer domain portfolio sales / Radix picks Above to auction New gTLDs

Above.com Marketplace steps up it’s game with portfolio sales, and auctioning Radix new gTLDs.

Just got word that Above.com has some new exciting things to reveal. First, Above.com is adding a new service to their domain marketplace – the ability to offer and support domain portfolio sales. So now when one submits a group of domains they want to sell in one lot (minimum 2 names), all those domains will be indexed separately and also will get its own for-sale page, giving one’s portfolio of names more visibility. This is great news for domainers that are looking to sell small groupings of like-domains, or whole portfolios, as now all those names will have link back exposure to their main for-sale portfolio page.

The second, is that Radix has chosen the Above Marketplace to do a special reserve auction of their best .website .hosting and .press domains.

We wish Above.com all the best in these new endeavors.


Here are some more details on Aboves’ Portfolio Sales, and the Above.com Marketplace –

Above.com Marketplace Now Supports Online Portfolio Sales

Los Angeles, California – Above.com is proud to be the first in our industry to support domain portfolio sales through our online marketplace. For experienced domain name investors, this is a huge leap forward, as portfolios may include thousands of domains for a single price. Historically, portfolios were listed in the marketplace in a way that was buyer-unfriendly. The only means by which a portfolio could be included in an online marketplace was by listing a single domain, and including the other individual domains in a comment box. This often hindered research, leaving potential buyers in the dark. Many potential buyers have said that they only become aware of the details upon opening the listing. This left simply too many opportunities for missed sales!

Now, buyers’ queries are answered more quickly with the Above.com Marketplace because each domain in a portfolio is individually indexed. That means that all of the domains included in any individual portfolio may be searched by potential buyers. Adding to ease of use, each search result returned that is part of a portfolio is clearly labeled as such. The entire portfolio is clickable for exploration of each of the other domains included.
In the instance that the portfolio had been previously parked, domain stats for the entire portfolio are shown, and are further broken down into individual domains for additional analysis.

When should domains be sold as a portfolio? If the domains are grouped together, they may be of more value than if they were sold individually. For example:
• .COM, .NET, and .ORG bundles
• Traffic portfolios
• Group of related domain names beginning or ending with a common phrase
• Group of domain names with common theme, as in legal, finance, technology
• Group of domain names with common TLD
• Group of domain names including both plural and singular form



The Above Marketplace is a full service online sales platform supporting auctions and static listings. The Above Marketplace meets all checklist requirements you expect in a domain marketplace, but there are some features exclusively found in the Above Marketplace.

• The Above Marketplace is the only place to buy or sell domain portfolios!
• The Above Marketplace is the only marketplace where buyers can find performance domains with verifiable parking history.

SELLERS submit domains for sale directly to the Marketplace, or via their Above Parking Manager or via their Above Registrar account. Sellers submit individual domains to sell or entire portfolios. Every domain gets unique detail “for-sale” page. Ever seller gets a MY LISTING URL to promote awareness about their for sale domains. Sellers opt to disclose parking performance history of their for-sale domains, or not to disclose. Sellers are informed about bidding activity and domains sold through both email and dashboard updates.

BUYERS can search for domains using an advance search tool or by browsing the inventory using our sortable directory. Buyers seeking portfolios seek Above. Buyers seeking domains with parking performance history, seek Above. Buyers can set Watch List to follow domains of interest. Above offers multiple payment methods to accommodate buyers needs.

Full Service Domain Sales Platform
1. Low Commission Rate
2. Free Escrow
3. BIN, BID, Watch list and Make Offer
4. Auctions and Static For-Sale Listings
5. Your “Personalized” Marketplace URL
6. Expired Domains For Sale
7. Phone and Email Support

EXCLUSIVELY at Above.com Marketplace:
1. Verified by Above.com – Above.com offers a guarantee that domain traffic and revenue statistics reported by the sellers in the Above Marketplace match the reported stats by the parking companies. Stats are retrieved directly from the sellers parking service accounts, so the buyer sees the domains true performance
2. Marketplace Portfolios – the Above Marketplace is the only online platform that list every domain in a portfolio for maximum buyer visibility, while also locking the domains together for purchase

• All domains in AUCTION at Above Marketplace are streamed to Twitter
• All FEATURED AUCTION domains are included in the weekly Above Marketplace Report, with a distribution of 200k
• All FEATURED AUCTION domains by default sort to the top of page in the Above Marketplace, giving more visibility to the domains


To find out more, go to Above.com, or contact Victor Pitts at Victor@Above.com

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