– A new Domainer Forum for the New gTLDs.

New Domain Forum is open for New gTLD discussions.

We are pleased to announce the formation and launching of a new domainer forum dedicated to the New gTLDs – The forum is founded by long time domainers and industry vets, Chad Wright and Phil Harris. According to Chad and Phil, the forum will be for the discussion of and sharing of, news, ideas, sales, purchases and all things New gTLD related. Chad and Phil are intent on creating a professional atmosphere forum with positive and informational posts, and lively debates and discussions of the New gTLDs. Those that want to troll to insult, bash or berate the New gTLDs or other members, will not be welcomed. As noted by Chad, “..this forum is for those interested in the new domains, not for those that have already made their decision against them”.

With the arrival of these New gTLDs, and with a ‘set mind or opinion’ of them on some forums, a forum focused from the start on sharing equal minded rational and intelligent thoughts and information on them, should be a welcoming discussion arena. has just opened it’s doors, so there’s not many members that have joined as of yet, but knowing the caliber of domainers Chad and Phil are, and those that have joined, we here at dotWhatever are confident this will be great discussion forum for the New gTLDs with many knowledgeable members.

If you’re involved with the New gTLDs, are vested in them, interested in them, or want to learn from others that are, visit and join up, introduce yourself and start a conversation.


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