Hello and Welcome to dotWhatever

Hello, welcome and Happy New Year!

Thank you for visiting us here at – dotWhatever.  As we are all aware, the internet is in constant change, and to keep pace, we must learn to accept and adapt to those changes.  This year, we are about to experience the beginning of a major change in the domain name space unlike anything we’ve seen so far, with literally thousands of new extensions and domain name options coming about.  A ‘major’ adaption for us all!  With so many new and exciting things that are and will be happening regarding all these new domain names and gTLDs being released over the next few years, we here at dotWhatever are aiming to help you navigate through all the hustle and bustle about them, with informative and easy to understand information on them.

We will do our best to provide you with common sense content on these new gTLDs, that is easy to understand and important to you in providing you with a better understanding of them, their purposes, and how they can or will help you with your internet endeavors.  There will be some things you may already know, and others that may be new to you.  We also will be bringing you insights and direct information from the movers and shakers behind and involved in, these new gTLDs, as they share their visions and their ‘cases for’ their gTLDs.

dotWhatever will focus on bringing, sharing, and enlightening you, with as much balanced information on these new gTLDs, as we can.

We look forward to an exciting 2014, and the great ride in store for us all. We hope you’ll make us a part of your gTLD knowledge base.

We are proud to start off dotWhatever with interviews with two giants in the domaining industry – Frank Schilling on Thursday, and Richard Lau on Friday.  And next week, running up to NamesCon, we will run our ‘In Their Own Words, The Case for dot_?__’ series, featuring the VIPs of 5 different new gTLD registry’s, explaining their vision for their gTLD.

Best wishes for a Prosperous, Healthy and Safe New Year.

Happy Interneting!!

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