Pics from Southern California Domainer Meetup with .XYZ

The 2nd Southern California Domainer Meetup of this year,ย organized by Jason Thompson and Kevin Faler, was held last night in Santa Monica California. The event was sponsored by Daniel Negari and his staff at their .XYZ office fresh off the whirlwind of hype and publicity of Google acquiring and using the domain ABC.XYZ for their holding company. About 60-70 local, and some not local, domainers, developers and associated fields, including reps from, RookMedia,, Uniregistry and more, were on hand to network, and enjoy drinks and the wonderful tasting tacos provided by .XYZ. Daniel discussed the .XYZ extension, their marketing efforts of it, and why he is so passionate about it. He also covered their .College and .Rent extensions coming available soon, and his joint venture with Uniregistry of .Car, .Cars, and .Auto. It was a very enjoyable SoCal Domainer Meetup networking with others in the industry and sharing the excitement of the .XYZ registry and their successful progress.

Here are some pics of the night –


Networking attendees.


ParkingCrews Jim Grace and RookMedias Joe Higgins talking shop.


The taco stand.


Daniel Negari addressing the attendees.


The crowd looking up to Daniel giving his speech.


More attendees listening to Daniel.


Daniel talks about .XYZ and more.




Jason and me.

Thanks again to Jason and Kevin F., and Daniel Negari and his wonderful staff at .XYZ for another great SoCal Domainer Meetup and great time!

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