Research – consumers are ready to embrace new gTLDs

WorldTrademarkReview covers research on New gTLD embracement.

A global survey of internet users, conducted on behalf of the Domain Name Association (DNA), has revealed a receptiveness to the addition of new domain name extensions..

Today the WorldTrademarkReview cites a survey conducted by ResearchNow, that polled internet users in Australia, China, India, Russia, Turkey, UK and US, where the main finding was an overall receptiveness to the New gTLDs, with that trend prevalent in developing countries and those countries that are experiencing rapidly growing internet expansion.

Respondents were asked to reveal their first extension preference among .com, a cctld and the new gTLDs to locate goods or pay bills. It notes that in the US the preference was for a .com, and in other countries the cctld was preferred. However new extensions, or New gTLDs, were received favorably when used in their example of paying payments online using .secure, .bank, .cpa or .finance .. The number that opted for the new gTLD options therefore totalled 48% – the same as chose ‘.com’.

They also noted that depending on the string, area of activity and country, that the patterns varied.

For example, while 83% of US users opted for ‘’ rather than ‘shoe.gtld’ strings when asked where they would go to buy shoes online, in Australia 51% opted for new gTLDs. Turning to where users would go to receive news and information on current events, half of the UK internet users surveyed would opt for the given new gTLD options. In India this rose to 69% of respondents.

The article goes on to note other trends, research results, meanings for trademark holders etc., and other interesting findings on the New gTLDs such as – ..the research does illustrate a willingness to trust new gTLDs…


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2 thoughts on “Research – consumers are ready to embrace new gTLDs

  1. If your survey is close, then PT Barnum was correct in that a sucker is born every minute. The gtlds are, once again, a failed experiment. Move on.

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