1and1.com success center providing new gtld Testimonials

It looks like domain and hosting provider 1and1.com has added a feature to their success center that deals with the new gtlds. A testimonial section dealing with new gtld registrants and their new registrations.

The lastest one was one from David Stewart Photography

My creative endeavors are tied to my name, but that name is relatively common,” said Stewart. “The best I could do with the old top-level domains was david-stewart.net. While relatively brief, the name conveys nothing about what I do, merely my name.”

Recently, 1&1 Internet, Inc. began delivering new domain extensions, such as .photography, as part of the new generic top-level domain (gTLDs) launches. The new domains will allow small businesses like David Stewart Photography to register an industry-specific domain extension to better communicate their services and overall business goals.

The .photography domain, one of the first to be released to the public, was exactly what David Stewart was looking for to create a more memorable and meaningful domain name for his photography business. “The hyphen in the old domain was not ideal, because a simple domain name is more memorable and easier to convey as a link, either online or on business cards,” said Stewart.

“With DavidStewart.photography, my name conveys, at a glance, who I am and what I do, with no compromises in clarity. That simplicity has a direct impact on client reach, which is critical to any business,” Stewart said. “If a client can’t find you, they cannot be taken care of no matter how good your product or service is.”

These are the types of things I think the new gtlds need to do instead of the outlandish type hype such as Dot Com will be dead in 10 years, or Dot Com is outdated.

Stick with the positive, find real people using the extensions and stay away from the outrageous, usually misinformed hype.

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