Monash University Becomes The First Brand To Secure its own TLD is out with a story that .Monash has become the first brand in the world to secure its own tld. Monash Uni first to get own domain name MELBOURNE’S Monash University has become the first “brand” in the world to secure its own top-level domain (TLD) on the internet. … Continue reading

Frank Schilling Video from ICANN 48

Frank Schilling did an interview with DYN at ICANN 48 in Buenos Aires. In the video Frank talks about his preference for joint ventures over private auctions when it comes to strings in contention. He applied for 54 in total, 11 of those being uncontested, 2 where his company sold … Continue reading

Our Look Back At NamesCon

Here is our look back at NamesCon in pictures as captured by Kevin and Irene. From all signs it seems NamesCon was a success and will change the landscape for domain conferences going forward. Certainly $199 and Vegas = Magic. Congrats to Richard and his team, everyone get home safely. … Continue reading

ICANN: How To Protect Your Trademark

ICANN released a new infographic, they released a pdf for TM holders looking to protect their brand. Trademark Clearinghouse | Uniform Rapid Suspension System | Trademark Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedure | Download Full PDF | Download 1-Page PDF  

Day 1 Pics from NamesCon

Day 1 Pics from NamesCon Checking In The Desk Ladies First Group Pic Women In Domaining Got along day ahead culminating with  the Frank Schilling keynote speech  

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