Our Look Back At NamesCon

Here is our look back at NamesCon in pictures as captured by Kevin and Irene.

From all signs it seems NamesCon was a success and will change the landscape for domain conferences going forward. Certainly $199 and Vegas = Magic.

Congrats to Richard and his team, everyone get home safely.


Mayor of Las Vegas Caroline Goodman with Welcoming Remarks. Talking about how Las Vegas is a growing Tech Hub, and how they are proud to be working with dotVEGAS.


Meet the TLDs – Monica Kirchner of dot LUXURY; Daniel Negari of dotXYZ; Jennie-Marie Larsen the Moderator; Rob Rozicki of dotSKI; Aaron Grego of dotBAR/dotCAFE; and Shaul Jolles of dotLATIN/dotUNO.


Secondary Market is the Primary Market – with Brad Lemire of Sedo; Jeff Gabriel of Domain Name Sales; Matt Overman of NameJet; Bill Sweetman the Moderator; Paul Nicks of GoDaddy; and Mike Berkins of RightOfTheDot. Discussing the importance of the Secondary Market presently and in the future.


Dot Com Is Dead – Braden Pollock the Moderator; Stevan Lieberman of Greenberg & Lieberman; Paul Nicks of GoDaddy; Monte Cahn of RightOfTheDot; Ken Hansen of .Co.Com; and Mike ‘Zappy’ Zapolin. Discussing the long term value and importance of dotCOM and domain names in general.


Keynote Speaker Frank Schilling of Uniregistry talking about the great opportunity people now in the domaining space have with the new upcoming gTLDs, as they already understand and know the value of good domains; the beginning of innovation of names coming about with the new gTLDs; and announcing his Uniregistry will open its own registrar on Feb.28th for registering domains. Frank noted there is no way to unwind the
power of dotCOM despite all the new gTLDs.


WaterSchool Party


Meet the new gTLDs Panel – Dan Schindler of Donuts.co; Jothan Frakes the Moderator; Ray King of Top Level Design,LLC; George Minrados of  dotBUILD, discussing why their strings were good for the public. Each focusing how these would help people brand themselves – example: plumber for .plumbing, construction for .build. These type of gTLDs lets everyone knowwhat they do, they are descriptive of their professions, passions, or


Braden Pollock the moderator; Matt Mullenweg developer of WordPress discussing the creation of WordPress. When asked for the scoop on what to expect from WordPress, that maybe even TechCrunch does not know, Matt replied they are working on a content editor to make it easier to breakout of the document model.


Solomon Amoako VP Bus. Dev. Rightside.co; Colin Campbell of dotCLUB; Bill Doshier of dotBUZZ, discussing their gTLDs and they were all in agreement that the most important task ahead them each, was having to educate the public. They all admitted to the realization that it will take a while to educate the public, and all noted that they have long range plans for the success of their gTLD rollouts.

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