Beware of MALWARE email – ”Trademark Infringement Cease & Desist Notice”

Beware of this email now going around. Seems to be a malware phishing attempt aimed at domainers and really anyone registering new domains.  Here is the email letter being sent around –

Hi (Registrants Name)

A third party has filed a trademark infringement cease and desist notice for your domain

You can download the notice here – Download Domain Copyright Notice  (this is the link they note)

In most cases you should take it seriously to avoid further legal trouble. However for random complaint
without any valid reason is quite common and you can ignore.

In case the copyright notice is applicable and unresolved contact your domain registrar and they will
help you to resolve the issue. Please note that, we don’t consult anyone individually.


Claim Domain Right

3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South. Las Vegas, NV 89109


DO NOT click the link, as it may be malware.  (I didn’t click it to find out, but it has been noted on some forums already.)


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