Donuts: Domains By The Numbers


Donuts put out a blog post today that took a look at some of their numbers:

The Internet is getting all grown up.  Seems like just yesterday it was a little tyke.

We’re seeing the biggest, most influential shift in online identities since it all started.  It’s been a long time coming but the new gTLD program is now a reality, and things are happening quickly.

Here are some early returns for Donuts:

50+                          gTLDs live on the Internet.

100+                        Signed Registry Agreements.

200+                        gTLDs we think we’ll finally operate.

300+                        gTLDs we applied for.

$5MM+                    Total orders and commitments (to date) for Donuts services.

You can read more here

It will be interesting to see if they end up with 200 gtlds as that really is a big number. I think one of the things Mike Mc Laughlin said in the Quartz piece shows that maybe its going to take running a lot of strings to make the juice worth the squeeze.

On they quoted Mc Laughlin as saying:

None of the niche names will ever be big on their own, says Mike McLaughlin of GoDaddy, but together they will drive substantial sales.

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