New gTLDs – August 2014 Week Four

New gTLDs – Week of 8/25 -8/29/14

The following are the New gTLD extensions being launched for the week.  Some interesting New gTLD’s that are all over the place.  It’s all about getting ‘.credit’ in order to buy your ‘.pizza’, which some places may offer it ‘.gratis’!


8/26/14 –

Pre-registration and Sunrise for Trademark Holders

.MARKET – I like the dictionary definition for this one – ‘an arena in which commercial dealings are conducted.’  Or it could be for the local neighborhood grocery store.

.MORTGAGE – a place to publish refinance rates, accept loan applications and more (I guess if you can afford to buy, then go for it).
.PIZZA – yummm   Every pizza business should have this New gTLD.  (I love lots of cheese on mine…just wanted to share).


Priority Placement for Landrush

.HOST – hosting platforms, services, or an alien life form from another planet
.PRESS – for people who work to prepare and present the news through newspapers, magazines, television and radio.  And may I add this should be for those who are the ‘genuine’ thing, and have the right credentials to report a news story.
.WEBSITE – bland as cottage cheese.  Ok, you have a ‘website’, ah…what kind is it?

8/27/14 –


.DESI – dedicated to the people, products, and culture of India
.GLOBAL – businesses…perhaps you should think ‘global’

Priority Placement for Early Access

.CLAIMS – this could be for money claims, insurance claims, settlement claims, or how about lawsuit claims like what you see on television where there is a class action case against a big company suing for just about anything they can come up with?
.CREDIT – great place to find information on what you have to do in order to get or fix your credit.
.CREDITCARD – a place to find information about and apply for credit cards to go into even more debt.
.GRATIS – offer perks gratis – meaning “free of charge” – to your customers (So shouldn’t this New gTLD be free?  Just being snarky here)

General Availability

.DISCOUNT – A good extension for any type of business that wants to promote discounts on their products or services.

.FITNESS – For anyone in this billion dollar industry that caters to health and exercise.

.FURNITURE – Office, home, outdoor furniture.  The list is endless.

.SCHULE – The German equivalent of school.  There are many types of schools this extension can be paired with.


So this is this week’s list of New gTLD extensions being launched, with many more to come.  Choose wisely and remember that these New gTLD extensions represent you, your business, your personality.  It’s all about branding oneself online.

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