You Can’t Protect Against Almost Infinite Choices

Last week Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) came out and ripped the proposed .sucks new gtld. Senator Rockefeller said that .sucks was, “little more than a predatory shakedown scheme designed to force large corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and even individuals, to pay ongoing fees to prevent seeing the phrase ‘sucks’ appended … Continue reading

Will .GOP Be a Major Factor in Helping Republicans Organize Online ? did a piece about an hour ago on the upcoming .GOP extension. If the political campaigns of the future will be waged online, the Republican Party hopes to keep the fight on its turf with .gop domain names. As soon as next week, the GOP hopes to roll out … Continue reading

Interview with Andy Brier –

Andy Brier runs which serves as a portal for all things new gtld. From the latest delegations to new gtld stats, Andy also provides a lot of updates on Twitter @namestats 1) So what was the motivation for starting NameStat ? Andy – I’d been following the domainer blogs … Continue reading

Denver Post “Dot-what? Web land rush 2.0 to feature .wtf, .beer, .porn domains”

A couple hours ago Andy Vuong of the  Denver Post did a piece on the new gtlds and local favorite got some ink. Steve Banfield is quoted in the piece that takes a look at what the new gtlds mean and also what challenges they bring for established brands. … Continue reading sits down with Mike McLaughlin from Go Daddy

Ramon Ray from Small Biz Technology did a talk with Mike McLaughlin about new gtlds and why people should consider them. It is hard to hear Mr. Ray speak but Mr. McLaughlin can be heard loud and clear. Ray asks McLaughlin are people going to laugh at me if I … Continue reading

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