LLLL.Domains an exclusive marketplace for 4 letter domains opens

A new marketplace for LLLL domains is now open for business, and they are operating on the new gTLD ‘.Domains’. Here’s their press release –

Providence, RI, September 09, 2015 –(PR.com)– Designed by domainers themselves, LLLL.domains is an online portal that specifically caters to people who wish to purchase specialized domain names for their business. These domain names are extremely unique in the sense that they are exactly four letters long and this enables these businesses to have an upper hand over their competitors from the SEO point of view.

The interface to use this website is extremely easy and has been specifically designed to cater to audiences who may not be very knowledgeable about the technical aspects of purchasing or auctioning a domain name. LLLL.domains explains every single aspect clearly and concisely and at the same time it does so through the incredibly easy to use interface.

The features on the blog also are very easy to understand and one can choose to either buy the domain by clicking on the, ‘Buy it Now’ button that has been provided alongside the various domain name options. At the same time, should a visitor to the LLLL.domains website face any issues, they can also get in touch with the person whose domain name listing they may be interested in through the Private Message feature. This feature enables them to have a private conversation that can be beneficial to the prospective domain buyer and clear their doubts effectively.

LLLL.domains also has a blog section that is dedicated to constantly and efficiently updating their content so as to give out the most current and relevant information about LLLL domain names. LLLL.domains aspires to be one of the most popular online destinations for people who want to buy and sell LLLL domain names.

There are nearly 450,000 domain names that are made up of just 4 letters; however, most of the domain names are currently not in use and therefore, LLLL.domains takes it upon itself to help current owners auction off their domain name to those who may be in need of it.

To auction or purchase an LLLL domain name, visit: http://llll.domains/

Pics from Southern California Domainer Meetup with .XYZ

The 2nd Southern California Domainer Meetup of this year, organized by Jason Thompson and Kevin Faler, was held last night in Santa Monica California. The event was sponsored by Daniel Negari and his staff at their .XYZ office fresh off the whirlwind of hype and publicity of Google acquiring and using the domain ABC.XYZ for their holding company. About 60-70 local, and some not local, domainers, developers and associated fields, including reps from Above.com, RookMedia, ParkingCrew.com, Uniregistry and more, were on hand to network, and enjoy drinks and the wonderful tasting tacos provided by .XYZ. Daniel discussed the .XYZ extension, their marketing efforts of it, and why he is so passionate about it. He also covered their .College and .Rent extensions coming available soon, and his joint venture with Uniregistry of .Car, .Cars, and .Auto. It was a very enjoyable SoCal Domainer Meetup networking with others in the industry and sharing the excitement of the .XYZ registry and their successful progress.

Here are some pics of the night –


Networking attendees.


ParkingCrews Jim Grace and RookMedias Joe Higgins talking shop.


The taco stand.


Daniel Negari addressing the attendees.


The crowd looking up to Daniel giving his speech.


More attendees listening to Daniel.


Daniel talks about .XYZ and more.




Jason and me.

Thanks again to Jason and Kevin F., and Daniel Negari and his wonderful staff at .XYZ for another great SoCal Domainer Meetup and great time!

Forbes is now encouraging regging .xyz and others..

Forbes just put out an article about not being able to find a good domain name, then register an alternative like .xyz or other new gTLDs.

Hitting on the perfect name for your company is a great moment that is often followed by the disappointment of seeing that it looks odd or is hard to remember as a domain name. And that’s only if another company doesn’t already own it.

There are new options. Actually, several hundred of them.

Read the whole article here

Southern California Domainer Meetup – Pics

Friday night the first Southern California Domainer Meetup of the year was held in Playa Vista, Ca. organized by Jason Thompson and Kevin Faler, and sponsored by Uniregistry. Over 90 domainers showed up, and were treated to an open bar and very tasty catered hor dourves. The beautiful California weather kept the outside patio area filled with networking domainers before moving inside to hear the main speakers Frank Schilling and Page Howe. Page gave a passionate talk about .LA, his current venture, and Frank discussed the new gTLDs, and their place along with .com as internet addresses.  Overall it was a very good and enjoyable event, once again seeing those we know, meeting some finally for the first time, and seeing and meeting those completely new to the industry. As Jason noted, this was the first of 3 meetings to be had this year, so we’ll be looking forward to getting together again with all the SoCal Domainers.

Here are some pics –


Frank Schilling and Tan Tran sealing a deal!

Frank Schilling and Tan Tran sealing a deal!


And afterwards, the party and networking continued as a bunch of us went to the Sunny Spot in Venice, for more food and drinks.

Another great SoCal Domainer meetup. Thanks again to Jason and Kevin F., and Frank, Brett and et al at Uniregistry for a great time!


Beware of MALWARE email – ”Trademark Infringement Cease & Desist Notice”

Beware of this email now going around. Seems to be a malware phishing attempt aimed at domainers and really anyone registering new domains.  Here is the email letter being sent around –

Hi (Registrants Name)

A third party has filed a trademark infringement cease and desist notice for your domain xxxxxx.com

You can download the notice here – Download xxxxx.com Domain Copyright Notice  (this is the link they note)

In most cases you should take it seriously to avoid further legal trouble. However for random complaint
without any valid reason is quite common and you can ignore.

In case the copyright notice is applicable and unresolved contact your domain registrar and they will
help you to resolve the issue. Please note that, we don’t consult anyone individually.


Claim Domain Right

3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South. Las Vegas, NV 89109


DO NOT click the link, as it may be malware.  (I didn’t click it to find out, but it has been noted on some forums already.)


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