EnCirca Announces Baker’s Dozen Domain Name Special

EnCirca made a post on their blog this evening highlighting a special promotion.

EnCirca Announces Baker’s Dozen Domain Name Special

Buy 12 Donuts Domains and Get A 13th Free.  Also, 5% Discount for anything less.

The special will run for just three days, from April 9-11, 2014.  A Baker’s Dozen is where the purchaser orders 12 domain names and they receive a 13th domain name for free.  Interested parties can visit: www.encirca.com/donuts

EnCirca recognizes that some consumers might want only one or two Donuts’ domains at a time.  For those customers, EnCirca is offering a discount coupon, good for five percent (5%) off the purchase of one or more domains.  This coupon: “DonutsDiscount5″, is good for three days only, from April 9-11.

All 52 Donuts’ domains that are in General Availability are eligible for the special.  This includes five new ones that start GA on April 9, including:

  • .coffee
  • .house
  • .florist
  • .international
  • .solar

“All Donuts TLDs, such as “.house” and “.international” are completely unrestricted and open to all interested parties.  The only limits are your imagination,” says Thomas Barrett, President of EnCirca.  “For example, the www.barrett.house  domain could be used for your family website, to publish social activities of your fraternity, or simply to showcase historic or brand new real estate.”

Similarly, “.coffee” and “.florist” are ideal for the thousands of independent coffee shops and flower shops worldwide.  “.International” is ideal for organizations and multi-national businesses looking to project their global footprint as part of their internet identity.

In addition, EnCirca is fully supporting the Donuts Early-Access-Program (EAP) and Premium pricing programs with competitive pricing for all elements of the programs.  If you absolutely need to acquire your brand in one of the new Donuts extensions, you will want to consider an EAP program.

Be sure to review the list of all 52 extensions.  Our favorites are:  .email, .company, .guru, .technology and .center.  The complete list of Donuts’ domains covered by our Baker’s Dozen special can be registered at www.encirca.com/donuts.  See full list below:

Up-Coming Donut EAP Programs in April:

  • .CODES
  • .FARMS
  • .CHEAP
  • .ZONE
  • .COOL
  • .WATCH
  • .WORKS

Locations With Their Own New gTLDS – An illustrated look

Contrado Digital put together this gfraphic showing the innovative locations around the world who are leading the way with new top level domain applications.

From .Amsterdam  to .Zuerich over 39 locations are included.

(click to enlarge)




Quick Chat with Dwayne Walker – DomainFest

We are talking today with Dwayne Walker from Oversee.net who is the organizer of Domain Fest.

Thanks for talking with us Dwayne. What can those interested in new gtlds hope to find at Domain Fest ?

Dwayne Walker – We’re expecting amazing presentations and panel discussions from Verisign, Donuts, .Club, .XYZ and many other major players in gtld space

Will there be representatives of new gtld registries speaking at Domain Fest ? If so can you list them ?

Dwayne Walker –
Over 300 from Donuts and many others

Do you see the new gtlds as a vital part of a conference agenda ?

Dwayne Walker – Yes, gtlds are major part of our conference.  We have gtld sessions all three days of the conference.

The conference schedule is getting a lot busier this year, what separates Domain Fest from the rest ?

Dwayne Walker – DomainFest is unique in its quality of presenters, networking, industry support (record number of sponsors thid year) and entertainment.  We’re proud to have conducted nine years of successful DomainFest conferences.

Uniregistry releases Dot Guitars Video

Uniregistry released their video today for Dot Guitars today, Frank Schilling talks about the importance of the instrument and how many identify with it.

This is the thing with these super specific niche extensions, can you get a community to rally around an extension ? Its not something that over the years has created emotional relationships, if you can get that sense of pride or community, then you can make a good run at having a successful extension.

Here is the video:

.London Delegated to the Root Zone

Today one of the more highly sought after Geo centric new gtlds was delegated. Dot London is expected to have a fairly good turn out.

A YouGov survey of over 1,000 small businesses in London also showed that one in four were likely to make an application. If extrapolated, this would suggest 200,000 sales from industry alone.

Half of those expressing an interest (48 per cent) said that they would do so because they are proud to be a London business, 41 per cent said a .london web address would help customers find them more easily and 27 per cent said it would help generate more sales.

This week saw the launch of the first GEO new gTLD .Berlin, and as of today there are over 40,000 registrations. (stat source ntldstats.com)

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