Who is North Sound Domains ? Frank Schilling Explains on Twitter


Frank Schilling explains who North Sound Domains is and explains there was always a plan for .Link.

A gentleman asked a question on Twitter that a few had emailed me today, Who is North Sound Domains ? I thought no premium names with Frank.




According to ntldstats.com .Link has over 20,000 regs and that is a function of these premium .link domains hitting the root.

3 thoughts on “Who is North Sound Domains ? Frank Schilling Explains on Twitter

  1. I was buying couple .coms listed on DNS , I never acquired them due to price

    But today I got email from DNS telling me the domain is avaliable in .link and I should jump on it I was like reallllly?????

    So all end users list from DNS got emails to reg .link so basically that’s how they got 20k reg Nd domainers who listed their premium names on DNS served as scapegoat or bait for shilling , and were not paid anything

    Today lost my respect frank 🙁 good luck though

  2. I don’t think that’s true, they work on selling the .com with their brokers. They also have a new gtld business to run and are doing marketing.

  3. .fail

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