The DotCom Empire Will Retain Its Luster – And a few other stories in the New gTLD Roundup


 A round up of some new gtld stories for today includes concerns over stability,

Samuel Greengard wrote a post on BaseLineMag

The new generic top-level domains promise to redefine the Internet landscape, but many details—including concerns over security and stability—must be resolved.

In the almost two decades since the World Wide Web went public, most of the world’s 240 million Web addresses have centered on a handful of extensions: .com, .net, .org, .gov and .mil. Although 15 other generic top level domains (gTLD) came into existence between 2000 and 2004—, .biz and .mobi—the public has never expressed much interest in them. As a result, the original group of domains has become increasingly crowded.

Newsle did a piece on the new gtlds with some input from Mason Cole of Donuts

This unprecedented increase in Net domains promises a wave of opportunities for online identity building. “For the first time in a long, long time, you are going to have relevant short identities for your online presence,” says Mason Cole, spokesman at Donuts, a Bellevue, Wash.-based Net registry that plans to launch more than 100 new domains this year.

“Rather than the vague ‘.com’ or ‘.org’ … now a business  an individual, family or organization can attach an Internet presence to a term that is very specific,” Cole says. “If you are into biking, you now have ‘.bike.’ If you are a plumber, you now have ‘.plumbing.’ If you are a pizza restaurant, pretty soon you are going to have ‘.pizza.'”

Why The Sudden Rebellion At The DotCom Kingdom

Naseem Javed wrote a very in depth piece on Business2Community

The Dotcom Empire will retain its luster. The reputation of top quality dotcom domain names will increase in power and stature as they will clearly stand out in the new jungle. The highest mortality will be the longest names, where tens of millions of dotcoms are currently gasping; Long or meaningless names like ‘’ will be simply replaced by or will become or Such simple solutions will become overnight darlings to the public at large all over the world. The numbers of new dotcoms purchases and renewals of existing names both will sharply decline in favor of new options. Good and meaningful dotcom names will remain the high quality bench mark domain names while new gTLDs will provide newer styles naming options to divert traffic.
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