New gTLDs – October 2014 2nd Week

Dancing Squirrel


The following are the New gTLD extensions being launched for the week of October 6 – 10, 2014.  It’s all about being proud of where you come from.  People can show their pride with a .DESI or a .NYC.  The rest of us will have to get a regular .CITY.  If anyone asks which city? Just do what the picture says, and answer back in interpretive dance.  People will stop asking questions.





General Availability

.DESIrefers to the people, products, and culture of Southern Asia and the Indian subcontinent. This extension is for anyone working, living, or marketing in the region.

General Availability

.ATTORNEY & .LAWYER- a better way to differentiate between an attorney and a lawyer.  If you need someone to help represent you in court in regards to the murder you committed, you would immediately want to search for a .attorney.  If you just need legal advice on what might happen, hypothetically of course, if you decide to skip the country due to the murder, you would contact a .lawyer.  Hey, they are expensive, so you want to make sure you contact the correct one from the start.
this can be used for any city in the world.  A good New gTLD geo.
.NYC – for anyone who lives or works in New York City.  You must have a valid New York address to purchase this.


Pre-Registration and Sunrise for Trademark Holders

.PHYSIO – this could apply to the art of massage and exercise therapy.


So this is this week’s list of New gTLD extensions being launched, with many more to come.  Choose wisely and remember that these New gTLD extensions represent you, your business, your personality.  It’s all about branding oneself online.

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